Trivial thread safety for CLSQL database objects


CLSQL-Fluid provides a full database type for CLSQL based on fluids, or per-thread connections. This allows a single database object to be used across threads, by both CLSQL clients and instances of standard-db-object. CLSQL-Fluid is licensed under the same license as CLSQL, the Lisp Lesser GPL.

The easiest way to understand it is to look at the port of Weblocks to CLSQL-Fluid.

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The preferred way to get started is to add git:// to your Git remotes in your Git checkout of CLSQL, then branch the fluid-pools branch. In shell language, this looks like:

$ cd path/to/clsql
$ git remote add s11 git://
$ git fetch s11
$ git checkout -b fluid-pools s11/fluid-pools

Then you can pull updates with git pull --rebase.

If for some reason you cannot use Git, you can fetch a Darcs copy at However, unit tests are not included, and you cannot usefully make patches for the project.

Project members


You can browse our Git repository or download the current development tree via Git, as described here (then git checkout -b fluid-pools origin/fluid-pools).

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